The bottom line: The Creator Stack is spread out so widely that the platforms don’t play so nicely with each other.

So, WTF?

Much like anyone else these days, I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the:
- advice on Twitter,
- the latest on Techcrunch,
- and the analysis on the podcasts.

That’s because I’ve been working on building up an “audience” so that I can sell subs — they all make it sound so easy. So, I’ve been:
- podcasting via Anchor, getting it on Spotify
- newslettering via Mailchimp
- posting on the usual socials

Podcasting is pretty cool. But, I don’t think that I’ll have the kind of audience necessary for substantive ad revenue anytime soon.

Then, I thought that it’d be time to monetize. So, I’ve lined up:
- webinars on Eventbrite
- a Patreon account to offer subs

Videomaking is pretty cool. I wanna stay away from Youtube, so I stick to Vimeo. But, no help on discovery there.

But, wait. If I go with Patreon, using anything other than their platform would be a hassle. Eventbrite is cool, except it’s not a community building platform, really. It’s like the front front front end of that.

So, I put together:
- a community on
- a subscription as an item via Square
- Memberful on our Wordpress site

But, wait. sells subs too. But, people have to create an account — it becomes yet another platform for them. And, buying a sub via Square is cool, except that I think I have to either manually import the info and manage the account via something else at that point?

Everything is easy — sure. That is, it’s easy to get an account started on their platform.

But, no platform is, as of yet, all in one, for anybody. I don’t think anything out there is customizable enough for the great breadth of work that the Creator Economy is putting out.

Software doesn’t seem to be eating the CE world so much, ironically.

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